Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Elderberry Syrup Simmering Today!

About every two weeks, maybe more often in winter, I make a batch of Elderberry syrup.  As the brew begins to simmer, the deep, rich aroma fills the air.  In addition to Elderberries, I include Astragulus root, Ginger root and Cinnamon chips.  Everyone who comes into the shop wants to know what's cooking in the back room...

Elderberry makes such delicious herbal medicine, even small children like the taste.  And yet, it's truly an amazing remedy.

Elderberries have anti-viral properties, so they help us to fight colds and other viruses.  They seem to have the ability to prevent viruses from adhering to us - so that the viruses are unable to take up residence in our respiratory and digestive tracts, and are just carried out of our bodies in the waste stream.

Because Elder helps to strengthen our immune systems, I often add a teaspoon or two of Elderberry syrup to my morning smoothie.  It's a good precautionary measure, because as an herbalist, I come into contact with lots of people who have colds and flu.  I always take some when I travel, too, no matter what time of year it is. 

Elderberry syrup can help to alleviate congestion, too.  It gently opens stuffy air passages, dries up runny noses and makes it easier to breathe.  Elderberry is good for reducing fevers, because it is a diaphoretic, and encourages our bodies to sweat.

Do you have some Elderberry syrup on hand?

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Jo-Ann said...

I do, its wonderful. I've only found out about elderberry. I made an elderberry elixir, and some syrup at the weekend. I'm also stocking up on rose hip vinegar and syrup. mmmm