Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wildcrafted Wreaths!

Last year at about this time, David Hofmann walked into the shop with some handmade wreaths, made with wild grapevine and bittersweet vine that he'd wildcrafted & other fresh greens. They were stunning. I bought one for my house. After the greens dried out, I took them out of the bittersweet vine wreath & added other seasonal decorations all year long. The basic wreath is still going strong.

David lives in the mountains in Virginia & has family in Lancaster. So, when he appeared last week for his annual visit & wondered if we'd be interested in some wreaths, I jumped at the chance. He brought 6 in this morning & will bring some more tomorrow morning. We're selling them for $25 each, so I'm sure they won't be here for long.

**Update: David brought in 10 more wreaths! Gorgeous!

Hurry in! They're going fast.