Sunday, March 6, 2011

Really, Spring is Coming...

This morning I heard songbirds.  Really.  And a huge flock of robins covered the ground in front of my little house.  Listening for worms.  Which means, of course, that worms must be moving around in the soil.  And, when I walked out to explore a bit in the rain, I saw that the young Willow has put on her chartreuse.  New color!  And look, buds are forming on her branches.
While I was admiring the Willow, I noticed that something tall has been breaking and eating some branches nearby.  I'm guessing deer, but am not sure.  They aren't eating the Willow, though. 

I once learned that young Willow trees emit a substance that tastes offensive to deer, in order to protect themselves.  Once the trees are older and better established, they only produce the substance if they are under stress, which often is from overfeeding by deer...  They're willing to be food/medicine unless their own health or survival is threatened.  Then, the trees change the boundaries. 

Relationship is fascinating!

And, Spring is coming!  Really!