Monday, August 22, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend at the New England Women's Herb Conference

 photo by Susan Leiken

I've just gotten home from a wonderful weekend at the New England Women's Herb Conference.  This was the 24th annual conference, organized by Rosemary Gladstar and an amazing group of women.  I've been 6 or 8 times, and it's always fabulous.  More than 500 women gathered at a camp outside of Hebron, NH.  I tended my booth (shown here), took several classes, and had too many stimulating conversations to count.  I even managed to take a nap in the grass.  And, my Raspberry Beret cordial won an award!  You can see that the tester bottle for that one has been dipped into quite a few times... it's the third bottle from the right, on the table in front of me.  This photo was taken on Sunday morning - I was already sold out of quite a few things, and by the end of the morning I had none of the beautiful sundresses (which I dyed with Lac resin) either.  And I forgot to save one for myself, so I'll be setting up another dye pot soon...