Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fairy Lights in the Garden

The other day, I was having a group in the garden for a moonlit labyrinth walk. I decided to string little white lights along the fence for a little bit of extra light and some magical mood lighting. I'm loving the way it turned out & am hoping that I can leave the lights up all summer. It really gives a feeling of a magical enclosure to the garden.


Healing Woman said...

I love to use tiny lights in the garden. Unfortunately, I don't have electrical outlets out there so I use the solar lights. Did your lights offer enough "light" for people to walk and not trip on anything?

Sarah said...

The light add to the atmosphere, but don't really provide much light in the darkness. Not enough to walk the labyrinth by, certainly. I have a number of garden lanterns that I placed on iron hooks around the perimeter, too.