Friday, May 28, 2010

Calcite in the Labyrinth

Last night, my neighbor, Darla, gifted me with a large chunk of Calcite. She thought it would find a home in my labyrinth. It's an amazing and generous gift, from an amazing and generous woman.

And, just in time for a full moon, a thunderstorm, and Uranus moving into Aries! What timing! A dramatic clearing of the stone, the air & the energies, and the placement of a new powerful crystal in the garden.

Calcite is often used as a healing stone, primarily for kidneys, pancreas & spleen. It alleviates fears, reduces stress & balances emotions. Calcite grounds excess energies & has a feeling of joy and lightness. It is a perfect crystal for meditation, psychic growth and astral projection. Perfect for a labyrinth, I think.


smitten said...

...and what a thunderstorm! Everything was moving & clearing! Gorgeous & dramatic, just like that beautiful crystal.
I would love another series of drawing in the labyrinth workshops or classes--any chance?

Sarah said...

Yes! I've been talking with Eli & expect to settle on some dates soon!