Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Plant-dyed Clothing

I love setting up the dyepot in the back room at my shop. I can't do it in the winter because I have to be able to prop the door open all day for ventilation. So, in early spring, as soon as I can open that door, I set up the pots and play. Last week I dyed with Logwood bark chips, which give a lovely purple color, and with Safflower petals, which give a rich gold with orange and pink undertones. I dyed some sundresses and some silk camisoles, as well as a couple of silk sarongs. Come into the shop & see them before they all go to new homes! Rayon Ribbon-strap Dress or Hand-dyed pure silk camisole

I'm hoping to find time to set up a dye pot with Tansy later this week, and should get some soft greens. Hoping for good weather...

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