Friday, April 23, 2010

Memorial Garden in Salem, MA

Earlier this week, we were in Salem, MA, and visited the memorial garden which was dedicated in 1992, 300 years since the witch trials there. I hadn't known before that Elie Weisel was part of the dedication ceremony. The small, solemn garden is along the outside wall of the old cemetery. This is symbolically important since none of those hanged were allowed to be buryed in the town graveyard. We visited the garden because one of the women hanged is my 13-greats grandmother, Rebecca Nurse. Below is a close-up of the etching on the stone bench with her name.
On the morning before visiting Salem, I was sitting in a hotel lobby in Stonington knitting. A woman came over to join me with her own knitting & we had a lovely chat. Eventually, we talked about where our travels were taking us, and we discovered that we were related through Rebecca Nurse. A gift from the Universe...

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mom said...

Was Rebecca Nurse an ancestor through the Capps/Smathers side of the family or the Preston side?
Your curious cousin, Nancy