Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eye of the Aeon

Here is a beautiful song/poem for Mabon, which is at the time of the Autumnal Equinox. I learned it from a group of people in Glastenbury, England many years ago. I don’t know who the author is. It is in the tradition of old bardic poetry, like Merlin used, where the sounds and patterns have magical energy in addition to the words. So, say it, repeat it, wonder about it.

The Eye of the Aeon

I am the Mabon
I am the child
I am Yr,
The Golden Bough.
I am the Dart
That the Yew lets fly,
Three pure Rays
The Pillars of Life.
I am the Wren
The King of Birds
I am Bard
And Teller of Lies
I am the Song
Within the Heart.
I am the Light
That will never die.
I am Stars
Within the Void.
I am the Eye of the Aeon.


nefaeria said...

Very nice! Certainly Druid in nature; if the wren and yew were not giveaways, then the reference to the three pure rays (the Awen) were ;)

Thanks for sharing!

SlĂ inte!


scathagh said...


I first heard this as a musical chant when in a working coven in northern England about ten years ago!

Again, no idea who the author is/was. Identical, but for the "last" line, which ran...

"I am the stars within the Void,
I am, I am the Mabon,
I am the child,
I am Yr, the Golden Bough..."

... so that you could run the ending into the start to keep the chant going.

Never heard the "Eye of the Aeon" til seeing your site today! Fascinating!!

Sarah said...

Oh, very nice touch! I love being able to "loop" a chant so easily.

Steven Jay Cohen said...

I first learned this in the early 1990's. You may find it on a cassette bearing the name Eye of the Aeon.

It is definitely modern.

Here is a link to the tune as I remember it:


Sarah said...

Thanks, Steven. Yes, I have that cassette, too. I got it at a little shop in Glastonbury in the 1990's. The Green Man I think was the shop...