Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Peace Dances for the Season of Great Fullness

Peace Dance Celebrating a Season of Paradox
Gratitude and Abundance
Sorrow and Loss

Yasmin is a student of world religions as a vehicle for the cultivation of compassion between neighbors, culture and nature. She is a representative for the Sufi Ruhianiat and a leader for the Dances of Universal Peace.  

Sarah is a community herbalist, Reiki Master/Teacher and a priestess of the Goddess, initiated in the Reclaiming Tradition. She is owner of both Radiance and Herbs from the Labyrinth, LLC.

The Peace Dances are an experiment in sound, movement and community designed to "in form" us of the many mysterious ways we are ONE, united in a great web of compassion and diversity. In the Dance we use chants from many of the world's sacred traditions. We hold hands in a circle, moving with simple "folk dance" movement. There are no performers. All are participants. All are welcome.

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