Sunday, May 12, 2013

Want to Be a Garden Apprentice?

For quite a few years, I have taken on Garden Apprentices from Spring thru Fall. I haven't taken any for the past two years because my garden schedule was too unpredictable, but am ready to accept a few this year. We will work in the garden for a few hours most Mondays (with some flexibility for weather & travel) doing whatever needs to be done. We will plant, weed, prune, harvest & make medicine. I will teach by talking about what we are doing, what we encounter & by answering questions. No money changes hands. You will receive herbal experiences & deepen your plant knowledge; I will receive the help I need in the garden. It is an arrangement that works well for all... Tomorrow morning at 10, I will be in the garden. If you think you might be interested, let's talk...

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