Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Making Mozzarella!

Sunday, September 16, 2012, 2-4pm

Mild and milky, smooth and silky: any way you stretch it, we love fresh mozzarella! In this hands-on class you’ll learn how to make it at home. After a basic demonstration describing how fresh milk turns from fluid to firm curds, we'll then turn curds into the beautiful balls that we know as fresh mozzarella. We’ll taste delicious samples of fresh pulled curd-style mozzarella served with garden fresh tomato salad, crusty bread and beverages. It may sound daunting, but making your own fresh cheese is easy. Come see for yourself!

This class will be held in the home kitchen of Herbs from the Labyrinth, in Lancaster.  You will have a chance to explore the labyrinth garden during the cheese-tasting at the end of the class.

$ 50.00, in advance for the class.  The Lancaster address will be provided upon registration.  Cheese-making supplies and books will also be available for purchase after the class.

To register call Radiance, 290-1517, or stop by the shop at 9 W Grant St, in downtown Lancaster, right across the cobblestones from Central Market. 

Susan Hess is a therapeutic herbalist and native weed wrangler who resides in northern Chester County, PA. Since 1997 Susan has grown a fine line of handcrafted herbal products through her business “Farm at Coventry”. She enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge through community herbal education workshops and her twelve month “Homestead Herbalism” course and teaching gardens. Her website showcases Susan’s photography as well as her herbal product line and educational offerings. In her spare time, Susan enjoys researching traditional healing methods, photography, writing,  gardening, quilting and cheese-making.

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