Thursday, November 3, 2011

Argan Oil from Morocco

Recently, we've had several requests for Argan Oil.  So, we went searching.  And we found it.  You can find it in our shop in downtown Lancaster, or on our web site. Argan Oil

This is pure, organic Argan oil, sourced from a fair-trade women's collective in Morocco, employing 80 women. Sometimes known as Moroccan Oil, Argan oil is traditionally used for skin care and hair care.  

Argan trees are so important to the dry eco-system in Morocco that they are officially protected by the government.  They have a very deep, penetrating root system and help to stabilize the soil structure, as well as having the ability to draw moisture and nutrients from deep below the surface.

All parts of the fruit are used.  The outer fruit peels are food for livestock animals, the inner shells are used for fuel in homes and community bath houses.  The seeds are then roasted and ground, releasing the oil. 

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