Monday, December 14, 2009

New Product - Yarrow Mist!

For a couple of years, I've been making a Yarrow Mist as a special order for a regular customer - she says it's the only thing that's ever really helped with her acne. So, I started thinking. I LOVE Yarrow. When I studied with Matthew Wood, he taught us that Yarrow is for healing deep wounds, "cuts to the bone". This works on the physical level, and also on the spiritual plane.

Yarrow is used for spiritual protection, as well, forming a "shield" around the user. Great for public speakers, and anyone else who works with groups of people. Gives protection from environmental and workplace toxins. Actually, it's wonderful for anyone who is working at maintaining healthy boundaries.

Spray some over your head and let the mist fall around you. Feel it bolstering the strength of your aura's edges and allowing deep healing to occur.

Also a great facial astringent for oily skin. Ingredients are distilled water infused with yarrow and witch hazel, alcohol, Yarrow flower essence and essential oil. 4 oz cobalt mist bottle is only $9.95!

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