Sunday, September 27, 2009

Making Wild Cherry Cough Syrup

It seems that I'm busy making herbal concoctions for the upcoming cold and flu season. Yesterday, I simmered a pot of Wild Cherry Cough Syrup all day. The delightful aroma filled the workroom and wafted out into the shop. Today, I put the finishing touches on the blend & bottled it.

Wild Cherry has been an important healing and sacred herb for Cherokee people for many hundreds of years. I also use Osha root in this syrup, an important "bear medicine" plant, said to eliminate excess moisture in the respiratory tract.

It's a delicious and soothing syrup, perfect for quieting a cough.


Judith said...

It's also great for gout! I know thats an older thing, but people do still get it... and the doctor says "eat cherry's" works better then meds!

Sarah said...

Judith, it's black cherry juice from the fruit that is so helpful for gout & arthritis. My Wild Cherry syrup is made from the inner bark of wild cherry trees. Aren't we fortunate to be surrounded by healing plants?