Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weaving Brighid's Cross

For those of you who sadly can't make it to my class today, I thought I'd post the directions for weaving Brighid's Cross. Have fun!

Using fresh or dried grasses, reeds or basket-making strips, fold the first 2 strips gently in half & link them, as in the top illustration. Then carefully holding those strips in place, add a 3rd & 4th loop, as in the lower illustration. I find that holding this first round in position is actually the most difficult part of the weaving, and a good snug core is going to give your Brighid’s cross a stable shape, so it is worth the extra care required.

Hold the shape with the central core begin adding loops by spiraling around the core, in the same order. Add as many rounds as you want & then tie the tips securely. Sometimes it’s easiest to wrap the tips with rubber bands or twist ties first & then add a more decorative wrap.

Hang your Brighid’s cross in your home, above any source of heat or fire, to ask Her blessing and protection. At Imbolg each year, weave new crosses and burn the old ones, giving thanks to Brighid for her protection.

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