Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chickweed for Breakfast

I love early Spring when I can finally begin harvesting wild greens from the garden! I make scrambled eggs with sauted' greens about 3 times a week year-round, but in Winter, the greens are locally-grown baby salad mix from a farmer with a greenhouse. They're good, but they don't compare to wild greens! The day before yesterday we had Nettles in our eggs for the first time this year, and today we had Chickweed! We have several little mounds growing near each other - here's a photo of one of them just before I started snipping. I use sharp scissors & take the longer stems, back to the outer edge of the rosette.

I harvested about 3 cups loosely in the colander & then went back inside to rinse the little bits of soil off. Chickweed (Stellaria media) is so soft & moist that you really have to handle it gently or it will bruise. I use a colander with larger holes & a smooth surface, so that the debris can wash through the holes & the tender plants won't be scratched with the wire most colanders are made of.

After a good rinsing, I melted some butter in the skillet & added the Chickweed.

Once the Chickweed was thoroughly wilted, probably 2 minutes, I poured an egg & goat milk mixture into the pan & made scrambled eggs! Voila! Breakfast!

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Patti Eder said...

Oh Sarah!
Your chickweed and flowers look so very appetizing! We are just barely showing green here in WI.
Great blog,
Patti from Kenosha