Saturday, February 16, 2008

Labyrinth Tour coming to visit Herbs from the Labyrinth garden on April 20

Quite a few years ago, I put a lot of effort into establishing a labyrinth committee at the Unitarian church here in Lancaster. We painted a Chartres Cathedral style labyrinth on a 40 foot square canvas, that is still used there. Later we had a seven-circuit Cretan style labyrinth inlaid in the floor in one of the rooms on the lower floor. I'm no longer active there, but the labyrinth committee is still going strong, holding monthly walks on the first Sunday afternoon of each month.

This year, the labyrinth committee is organizing a tour of local labyrinths on the afternoon of Sunday, April 20, and they will be visiting my garden & walking the labyrinth here. It won't be covered with snow by then. In fact, there should be lots of new green life by then. If you'd like to get more information & register for this tour, you can call 717-393-1733 or email


Patti Eder said...

I am so envious of your efforts! The labyrinth is beautiful as you are!
Patti in Kenosha

Barbara Martin said...

Your labyrinth is beautiful! I hope you will add an update photo showing it in mid summer, too. I've just mentioned your labyrinth and tour date in my blog. Barbara Martin Flower Gardens Blog.