Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Working on the Herb Fair and Festival Schedule...

I'm working on the festival & herb fair schedule for this year. Oh my, we're going to be busy! Here's how it looks so far:

Landis Valley Herb Faire, Friday & Saturday, May 11 & 12
Bumbada weekend, May 18, 19 & 20
Baltimore Herb Festival, Saturday, May 26
Where Womyn Gather, June 7-10
Lancaster Pride Festival, Saturday, June 16
New England Women's Herbal Conference, August 24 - 26
Mid-Atlantic Women's Herbal Conference, October 6
Be sure to check back - no doubt there will be more...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Simmering and Infusing and Reformulating...

It's a busy day here - Elderberry Syrup simmering and filling the air with delicious aroma.  Beth is working today & she says she thinks we all are having our health enhanced just by breathing the fumes! 

In another pot, White Sage, Cedar tips and Sweetgrass infusing for a batch of  Clear Space Mist.  And, just this morning, I was reading about the stone, fluorite.  Suddenly, it was clear to me that I would add a small piece of this lovely gem to each bottle of the mist.  Here's part of what I read:  "Fluorite draws off negative energies and stress of all kinds.  It cleanses, purifies, dispels and reorganizes anything that is not in perfect order."  A perfect addition, I think!