Thursday, June 2, 2011

Luscious Night Serum

I'm working this afternoon, making a batch of Luscious Night Serum.  It's a gorgeous, breezy day, and somehow quiet, so my mind began to wander as I made the delectable concoction...

Several years ago, a longtime faithful user of my Luscious Face Cream came into the shop with a nearly-empty bottle and asked if I could re-create the contents.  A friend of hers had given her a nighttime moisturizing oil from an exclusive New York salon.  She had loved using it, but discovered the prohibitive cost (nearly $100!) when she called the salon to order another bottle.  So, she came to me.  And I thought I could develop something comparable for much less.  So, as you've probably guessed, Luscious Night Serum was born. 

Thanks, Jacqueline!